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JFK Researchers

(Oswald did it, right?)

JFK Assassination Records - 2018 Additional Documents Release

Mary Ferrell Foundation (MFF) website

At more than 1.2 million pages of documents, government reports, books, essays, & multimedia, the MFF is the world's largest independent digital archive of modern American history.

Greg Burnham

Assassination of JFK -

A Study in the Assassination of JFK 

John Barbour

"John Barbour's World"

Jefferson Morely

Doug Campbell:


Bill Simpich

Bill Simpich - JFKfacts - Memory / Truth / Meaning

Gayle Nix Jackson

Michael Swanson

Dick Russell

Cyril Wecht

Dr. Walt Brown

Greg Parker

Oliver Stone

Gov. Jesse Ventura

Gary Shaw

Joseph McBride

Dr. John Newman

Len Osanic

Official website of Author and Temple ...

John Armstrong

Robert Tanenbaum

Barry Ernest

Judyth Vary Baker

Josiah Thompson

Ben Wecht

Shane O'Sullivan

Dr. Lance Moore

William Pepper

Larry Hancock

Dr. David Mantik

Mark de Valk

Vince Palamara

Past JFK Researchers

Lynn Mangan

Mark Lane

Harrold Weisberg JFK Assassination Debate

Gaeton Fonzi

Penn Jones

Jim Marrs: