Dealey Plaza Theatrics

(Oswald did it, right?)

-The Single Bullet Theory

-The Rifle

-The 7.65 Mauser

-Was Oswald a good shot?

-Bullets-true or false?

-Where's Oswald?

-Enter the Truth

The rifle in the National Archives is 42 inches. Hidell allegedly ordered a 36 inch rifle as seen in the Klein's Sporting Goods Ad. The late Jack White made a comparison the ever-evolving rifles.

Dr. Cyril Wecht on the Single Bullet Theory that is the pillar holding up the Warren Commission's contention that a lone gun man killed President Kennedy.

Arlen Specter demonstrates the single bullet theory.

Did a single bullet kill President Kennedy and wound Governor Connally?

jim d

single bullet

Researcher Jim DeEugenio explains the Single Bullet theory fallacy on Brent Holland's Show.

Governor John Connally Tells Of His Dealey Plaza JFK Assassination

Experience In A 1964 Interview.

Limo Windshield Hit

The limo was stripped and rebuilt.

Was Oswald framed for purchasing the rifle? John Armstrong traces the rifle order on Len Osanic's Fifty Reasons for Fifty Years.

Walt Brown on Lee Harvey Oswald's Marksmanship

Was Oswald a good shot? Dr. Walt Brown discusses Oswald's Marine Corps proficiency.

The Mauser 7.65 rifle.

Seymour Weitzman Affidavit-7.65 Mauser.

Sheriff Roger Craig describes finding the 7.65 Mauser

Lee Harvey Oswald Rifle Quiz

Accessories After the Fact

Where's Oswald?

"Ike" Altgens Photograph

The Girl on the Stairs

Barry Ernest's quest to find the witness on the stairs leading down from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository.

Where's Oswald- Witness Testimony

CROSSFIRE: What really happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963? Was the assassination of John F. Kennedy simply the work of a warped, solitary young man, or was something more nefarious afoot? Pulling together a wealth of evidence, including rare photos, documents, and interviews, veteran Texas journalist Jim Marrs reveals the truth about that fateful day. Thoroughly revised and updated with the latest findings about the assassination, Crossfire is the most comprehensive, convincing explanation of how, why, and by whom our thirty-fifth president was killed.

Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy

Rush to Judgment is Mark Lane’s original work on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This groundbreaking number one bestseller opened the eyes of the people of the United States to the possibility that their government was involved in a cover-up of monumental proportions. In his mesmerizing book Lane explores the Warren Report’s conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Lane’s exhaustive investigation provides a roadmap to the body of evidence about the assassination. By interviewing witnesses throughout the country, comparing each of the Report’s conclusions with its own corresponding evidence, and searching through the 26 volumes of evidence the President’s Commission collected and thousands of documents found only in the National Archive in Washington, DC., Lane truthfully investigates the assassination. Meticulously detailed, with over 4,000 citations, yet immensely compelling, Rush to Judgment set forth cataclysmic ripples through the fabric of our nation. This work, still unparalleled after nearly 50 years and scores of other explorations, is where it all began. No serious study of this event is complete without it.


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Dealey Plaza Theatrics

The Warren Commission relied on FBI reports. Very often, they disregarded the statements of those not agreeing with a lone gun man shooting three times from behind. They altered the timing of events and misrepresented the words of witnesses. As described above they accepted the planets bullet shells in the School Book Depository and hauled a German Mauser out of the building, soon replacing it with a shorter version of the alleged order Mannlicher-Carcano rifle. They sent an army of cops and agents to the Texas Theater because Oswald (someone claimed) entered the theater without paying. (not the case). The Commission produced the single bullet theory, a physical impossibility to cover numerous bursts of gunfire. They gave Oswald a shooting prowess that witnesses and his Marine Corps records have proven false. As will be seen- it is a certainty that Oswald never order the rifle. Oswald could not have come down the stairs from the sixth floor. No one categorically identified Oswald in the sixth-floor window. In fact, witnesses saw him in the lunch room before and after the assassination. Nor was he the only employee to leave after the assassination. No one saw Oswald enter the Depository with a “package.” Even the JFK limo was shipped out, stripped and rebuilt. This is only the beginning… the basics of the big lie.