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Coup d'etat-Business as Usual in Dallas

Syria, 1949

Iran, 1953: TPAJAX-Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh removed

Guatemala, 1954: President Jacobo Árbenz ousted.

Indonesia, 1958(attempted) Dr. Achmed Sukarno remains in power.

Congo, 1960: Patrice Lumumba was captured in late 1960 and murdered in January 1961.

Dominican Republic, 1961: Rafael Trujillo assassinated.

South Vietnam, 1963: Generals seized and killed Ngo Dinh Diem on Nov. 1, 1963

Dallas, Texas, 1963: President Kennedy Assassinated.

Brazil, 1964: President Joao Goulart would, pouted by Humberto Castello Branco.

Greece, 1967 Democracy dissolved- military dictatorship of George Papadopoulos.

Chile, 1973: Salvador Allende killed by CIA and General Augusto Pinochet.

Operation Ajax: Iran and the CIA Coup in 1953

1954, Guatemala - CIA & the United Fruit Company, Jacobo Arbenz

Congo: The Assassination of President Patrice Lumumba, Congo (1961)

South Vietnam 1963

Elm Street Dallas 1963

The Dominican Republic 1965

CIA Regime in Indonesia

Junta in Greece April 4,1967

Dateline: Chile, 1973